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About SULU

SULU is an industry leading utility management platform designed to assist Letting Agents with many of the laborious tasks associated with the moving process. SULU offers the following functionality:

  • Sends notifications of new and vacating tenancies to local councils, water suppliers and energy providers.
  • Sets up and closes void accounts for landlords ensuring there are no stray bills.
  • SULU is also an advanced CRM and is responsible for managing the activity of the Inchora Call Centre.

Now in its fifth iteration since Tenant Shop was founded in 2008, the software has evolved into a cutting edge solution which sits at the heart of our business.

SULU can be fully integrated with many of the top property software providers making the transaction of important data secure and seamless. SULU also has its own support team on standby if further development or assistance is required.

About Tenant Shop

Powered by SULU, Tenant Shop is an award winning company using the most advanced utility management platform in the lettings industry.

We notify local councils and utility suppliers of new and vacating tenants, ensuring there are no stray bills.

Our dedicated account management team deals with any billing issues that may arise, leaving you to focus fully on your core business while our accredited agents provide a switching service comparing the markets to give new tenants the best available choices for energy and media services.

The Inchora Family

Did you know that Tenant Shop is part of the Inchora group?



Our Business is Growing Your Business

There are half a million new businesses created in the UK every year, but there is so much more to becoming a successful business than having a good idea.

Inchora alleviates the stresses of the entrepreneur by providing a dynamic support network. They accelerate the growth of ambitious companies.

Inchora’s family of growing brands is united by an ambition to provide innovative solutions, and the desire to challenge accepted norms. They have built an environment where ideas are shared, where successes are celebrated and where growth is rewarded.

What drives Inchora is the opportunity to bring exciting new products and solutions to the market.

Join like-minded entrepreneurs who think the way you do. Inchora is invested in your success.

To find out more about Inchora and its companies, please visit www.inchora.com to take a look at the company website.

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