Can we submit all tenancy details into SULU once we have received the completed inventory?

  • It is important that you enter the initial details on to SULU as soon as possible, ideally as soon as the referencing process is completed. This enables our team to make contact with your new tenants in good time to make sure we ascertain their comparison needs. If it is well in advance of the moving-in date, we can arrange a later time with the tenant if they so wish.

Can I submit tenancy details into SULU too early?

  • No, you can submit the basic details as soon as you like. Our team will manage the scheduling of all calls.

Is it important to update the council and utility information into SULU as soon as we have the completed inventory?

  • Yes. This is a very important step in the process and information needs to be inputted as close to the moving in date as possible. This means that the council and utility suppliers get the notifications sooner which means there is less chance of stray or unsettled bills going to the new tenant, letting agent or even the landlord.

Is it important to give you End Tenancy details?

  • Yes. When tenants give you notice that they’re leaving, it’s just as important to send us the vacating details as this closes the departing tenant’s accounts and opens the void accounts (if applicable) for the landlord/letting agent. This will stop letting agents, landlords or new incoming tenants from receiving stray bills.

What about non-managed tenants? Should I put their details on to SULU?

  • Absolutely, although this is not a full managed arrangement. Tenant Shop can still offer them the comparison services, you still receive the commission and it still reflects on you and your service levels to the tenants.

How long does it take for us to receive any commission?

  • Once we are paid by the suppliers, we update our system to “Ready For Payment” meaning this is now ready for you to collect. You can leave this in your “Ready For Payment” pot for a few weeks or you can collect it as regularly as you like. Once it’s ready for payment it’s completely up to you. Typically, broadband and TV sales are ready in 60 days and energy switches in around 90 days depending on whether there is a delay on the switch or installation.

How do I claim my commission?

  • Once you are ready, simply click the “export” tab in SULU and download the excel file that will contain all your “Ready For Payment” sales. Accompany this with an invoice with the amounts matching including VAT (if registered) and send to accounts@tenantshop.co.uk and this will be paid directly into your account within 30 days.

What is meant by qualifying data?

  • Qualifying data is tenant information we receive from the letting agent before the moving-in date. This enables the letting agent to qualify for commission. Data received after the moving in date will unfortunately not qualify for commission. This is to help encourage letting agents to send the basic information in advance so we have a far better opportunity to complete a comparison sale, earning us and you commission.

What is an overdue lead?

  • A lead becomes overdue once the tenancy start date has passed. You will see the entry is overdue as it turns a light shade of red warning you that it needs further information. Once you have completed the council and utility information (including meter readings if you have them) all notifications will then be sent to the relevant companies and this completes the process. It’s as simple as that!

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